The Game brings cheers to Harvard fans

Telecast proves rewarding to Sacramento-area alumni

By Rupert H. Ventenilla
AB '02, EdM  '05



Sacramento-area Harvard alumni braved a cold, wet and windy morning for the annual Harvard-Yale football game on Saturday, Nov. 17th. But instead of traipsing to Cambridge, fans headed to  de Vere’s Irish Pub in downtown Sacramento to see a live telecast of The Game.

For many alumni, the event offered an opportunity to gather in support of their alma mater as well as to catch up on news regarding Harvard and the performance of its athletic teams this season. 

 “I usually don’t know much about how [Harvard football] is doing until The Game," said Perry Gregg, AB ’83.  Gregg was one of several alumni who brought their families along to share in the excitement of the 129th game in the historic rivalry.

 A group of Yale supporters and alumni was also present for the event, co-sponsored by the Harvard and Yale clubs of Sacramento. 

Although Harvard (8-2) was heavily favored to win against Yale (2-8), the score remained remarkably close throughout much of the game. Asked who she thought would win, Sadia Niazi, HSDM ’99, replied emphatically, “Harvard, of course,” a sentiment shared by many of the Harvard alumni.

At the half, the score was tied 3-3, but Yale’s effort proved no match for a superb Harvard offense that helped Harvard pull away 34-24 in the fourth quarter.

Although the crowd refrained from breaking out into renditions of “Fair Harvard” or “Ten Thousand Men of Harvard”, the resultant cheers and celebratory smiles captured the satisfaction of another Crimson victory. 

The victory was the sixth in a row for Harvard, the first time that's happened since the rivalry began in 1875, according to It was also Harvard's 11th win in the last 12 encounters with Yale.