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Bradley Cutler offers his birding expertise to club members

I graduated from the college in 1971 and headed to Penn for graduate work in architecture after a year of working in a Cambridge bar and on a Key West shrimp boat. Returning to Boston, I founded an architectural firm and taught for a few years before moving to the other side of table into real estate development.

In the early 1990s, I migrated to the West Coast where I developed office buildings, shopping centers, and industrial centers. Raising a family, volunteering for boards, and working didn’t leave much time for my birding interest. But with the economic slowdown and grown children, I now have time to pursue my life list that stalled at 400 species two decades ago and continue my real estate career less frenetically.

One memorable undergrad scene occurred when we arrived at the freshman
union for lunch one hot spring day. Coat and ties were required and a gentleman turned you away if you weren’t suitably attired.

In a precursor of things to come,we rebelled against the checker’s wishes, picked him up and passed him hand to hand overhead from the front to the end of the line and out the door.

Thus began informal dress and three years of spring riots.