Harvard Book Club Celebrates 12 Years!


Many of our members have been part of the book club since the beginning, but we cordially invite prospective members to attend one of our upcoming meetings. Spouses and significant others are also welcome. Our members have a wide variety of interests and backgrounds, but we all enjoy reading and then participating in lively discussions of well-written, provocative books.

We read a wide variety of books: fiction, contemporary and classic; non-fiction, including history, biography, politics, and economics; poetry, especially during April, Poetry Month.

We meet on the second Wednesday of the month, usually at 6:30 pm, either at a private home for a potluck meal, or at a restaurant. Book club members take turns hosting the meetings. The monthly host is responsible for selecting the book and the location.

If you’re interested in attending, check the Harvard Club website or the newsletter, which publishes meeting dates and book selections, along with contact information for the meeting’s host. For more information or to attend an upcoming meeting, contact the meeting’s host.

Please consider joining us for an activity that we all enjoy! Your participation would be very welcome!