Expand your connections

Meet and socialize with Harvard alumni and others at Sacramento event

Here's your opportunity to network with Harvard alumni and students in the Sacramento area. The club is having a get-together Monday evening, June 23, as part of Harvard’s 12th Global Networking Night. The event will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Cafeteria 15L.

As an added attraction, alumni and students from other Ivy League schools and Stanford, as well as new UC Davis faculty members, are invited. If you have friends from these schools, bring them along.    

Global Networking Night events, hosted by the Harvard Alumni Association, are designed to provide networking opportunities in a fun, relaxed setting such as restaurants and bars. Attendance is free. This is a great opportunity to connect with recent graduates as well as current students during their summer break.

HAA's most recent event in January saw the greatest alumni participation to date, with 71 locations welcoming over 5,000 alumni, recent graduates, and current students for interesting conversations and professional network-building.

RSVP by June 20 to  Laila Kasuri. Her email address is lailakasuri@post.harvard.edu.