Dinner and discussion

Join local alumni in reviewing the Harvard X for Alumni program

We hope you have been keeping up with the HarvardX for Alumni program, which enables alumni to view online courses for free and partake in  online discussion groups. In conjunction with this, our club has been sponsoring get-togethers at which local alumni can talk about  the offerings. Club treasurer Eric Douglas has been coordinating the events.

The next dinner and discussion will be Wednesday, June 11, at 6 p.m. at Cafe Bernardo 2726 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento.

Please RSVP to Lauren Lewis. Her email address is llewis@leadingresources.com

The online program started March 22 with Neuroscience, with David Cox. Other topics include Poetry in America, with Elisa New; Einstein Revolution, with Peter Galison; The Ancient Greek Hero, with Gregory Nagy; China, with Peter Bol and William Kirby; Tangible Things, with Laurel Ulrich; and Computer Science, with David Malan.