"Great Markets Make Great Cities"

A look into developing cities that desire to grow toward simplicity. With the emerging downtown arena transforming the heart of Sacramento, the club has invited several speakers to give us their take on the subject "Great Markets Make Great Cities.”

This Friday, November 13, three individuals will discuss their active research in the concepts behind centering city districts around public marketplaces.

Professor Tom Fowler, Associate dean of the Cal Poly SLO Architecture Department; Marc Foster of Marc Foster Creative--fabricator, artist, and builder; and Josh Pane, a government relations consultant, will lead a presentation and discussion on the teachings of "A Pattern Language," a 1977 book on architecture, urban design, and community livability. It was authored by Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein of the Center for Environmental Structure at U.C. Berkeley. Decades after its publication, it is still one of the best-selling books on architecture.

This event will begin at 5:15 p.m. at the Iron Grill restaurant. The presentation will begin at 5:30 p.m. A $5 fee will be charged.

Please use the accompanying RSVP form to let us know if you plan to attend.