Tour the UC Davis Raptor Center - August 18th

Join us for a private Harvard Club tour!

The California Raptor Center is affiliated with the UC Davis' Veterinary School, ranked #1 in the world. The Raptor Center provides rehabilitation to 300-350 sick, injured, and orphaned raptors each year and releases them back to the wild whenever possible. The Raptor Center also provides an educational program to people of all ages, to help them understand the biology of these magnificent birds, the role of raptors in the environment, and the human-induced hazards which can be fatal to these creatures.

The tour will begin in the classroom for a brief overview of the raptors found locally. You will be encouraged to ask lots of questions, which the guides will do their best to answer; the topics they cover will depend on the questions asked. The tour will then move to the cages, where 35-40 non-releasable raptors live, followed by a brief visit to the museum.

The cost is $5.00 per person (plus an Eventbrite service charge) and children are welcome. Feel free to bring a picnic lunch.