Book Club: August 12th

Book Club to discuss The Fearless Benjamin Lay: The Quaker Dwarf Who Became the First Revolutionary Abolitionist


For August's book club discussion, the host has selected The Fearless Benjamin Lay, by renowned historian Marcus Rediker. The book chronicles the transatlantic life and times of a singular man—a Quaker dwarf who demanded the total, unconditional emancipation of all enslaved Africans around the world. Mocked and scorned by his contemporaries, Lay was unflinching in his opposition to slavery, often performing colorful guerrilla theater to shame slave masters, insisting that human bondage violated the fundamental principles of Christianity. He drew on his ideals to create a revolutionary way of life, one that embodied the proclamation “no justice, no peace.”

The Zoom meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 12, at 4:30 pm, and participants are welcome to enjoy a beverage, alcoholic or not, during the meeting!

The meeting log in details will be sent a day before the event. Please RSVP to