Proposed Slate of Officers for 2022

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The Nominating Committee has proposed the following slate of nominees to serve on the Board of Directors of the Harvard Club of Sacramento for 2022: 

President – Jack Reynen

Secretary-- Mary Mooney

Treasurer – Margaret Kane

Communications – Jayne Kang Kim

Events and Programming – Saralyn M. Ang-Olson

Events and Programming – Christopher J. Shim

Events and Programming – Merlene Ingraham

Operations – Mary Mooney 

Operations – Suzy Underwood


Pursuant to the Club by-laws, today (January 6, 2022) starts the 20-day notice period before voting begins on January 26.  Only club members may vote in the election.  It's easy and free, so why not join today?  CLICK HERE TO JOIN.  

Also pursuant to the bylaws, through January 20, any two members may nominate additional candidates by forwarding their name(s) to the Nominating Committee at  Anyone nominated to serve on the Board must be a member who has spent at least one year in a degree program at Harvard.

Voting will take place between January 26 and February 4, 2022.