Book Club: October 26th

Book Club to discuss Entwined with Vietnam: A Reluctant Marine's Tour and Return, by Theodore M. Hammett

The book for October is Entwined with Vietnam: A Reluctant Marine's Tour and Return, written by Theodore M. Hammett. 


From Amazon:  "In 1968, Theodore Hammett entered a war he believed was wrong, pressured by his father's threat to disown him if he withdrew from a Marine Corps officer candidate program. He hated the Vietnam War and soon grew to hate Vietnam and its people. As a supply officer at a field hospital uncomfortably near the DMZ, he employed thievery, bargaining and lies to secure supplies for his unit and retained his sanity with the help of alcohol, music and the promise of going home. In 2008, he returned to Vietnam for a five-year "second tour" to assist in improving HIV/AIDS policies and prevention programs in Hanoi. His memoir recounts his service at the height of the war, and how the country he detested became his second home."

The Zoom meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 26th, at 4:30 p.m. PDT, and participants are welcome to enjoy a beverage, alcoholic or not, during the meeting!  Sandra Maliga will be hosting this virtual meeting.

Here is the Zoom link:

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