Voting for Harvard University Overseers and the Harvard Alumni Association Board of Directors


The 2023 Harvard Board Elections are soon upon us! 


The voting website will be available from Friday, March 31st through Tuesday, May 16, 2023 (5:00 p.m. EDT).  Go to this link -- Harvard Elections -- for further information about this year's elections for the Harvard University Board of Overseers and for the Harvard Alumni Association Elected Directors.  


The Board of Overseers is one of Harvard's two governing boards (the other being the President and Fellows, also known as the Corporation.  See Board of Overseers | Harvard Elections for further details.  


The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) Board of Directors is a representative volunteer alumni board of the HAA, which serves as both a University-wide alumni association and as the alumni association for Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges.  The HAA Board of Directors has constitutional duties to nominate candidates for Overseers and HAA Elected Directors.  See HAA Board of Directors | Harvard Elections for further details.


For more information about the Elections Process, including the role of the Nominating Committee in the development and presentation of nominees for the above,  see Nomination and Election Process | Harvard Elections.